Sunday, March 27, 2011

I think you cooler than me

During my examination weeks, he gave supports and keep wishing me. 
Every single day. 
Like, if I'm afraid and believe that I can't do well in my paper he would just said
"InsyaAllah, baca doa & selawat. All the best"
And after my first paper (it really really sucks okay. Only for me. I bet -.-'), I told him that the paper so sucks *sila alih bahasa* and I hate it as the time given was so short ya know. He just said typed
"Try lagi utk paper lain, good luck"
And if I'm so depressed when revising, he texted
"Rebus nota bubuh kicap, belerang, secubit garam & cuka!"
You know what will be happened? The examination would be paused for a moment. There will be a funeral  -.-'
And the next day he will ask what's the next paper, and texted
"All the best"
The next day, he texted
"Try your best"
The next day
"Good luck"
Then, for the Economics paper *he studies this subject too ;)*, he texted
"Try your best, ingat supply & demand dah boleh goreng"
goreng bagai -.-' 
Then I told him it's not that easy man, we have to cover many other tough things for this subject. And then he said
"Fuh ! Dahsyat tu! faham beza monetary & fiscal policy. Int trade hafal trade aggr spt fta, eu, afta, nafta"
Man, that's more than enough we have learned -.-'
And not to be forgotten, he wished my birthday
Happy b'day, god bless u
Simple but still nice and sweet :)

Dude, I <3 you 

You're such a SUPERcool Dad on Earth :')