Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It's Time to Change

Yeah, I'm changing. I'll move on to a new leaf. 
Starting from today, I'll try to type my blog in English. Why? No!No!No! Qila, kite tak paham nanti :( Jadahnya, ingat aku punya English berhabuk sangat ke, sampai korang tak paham? -.-'. No. Only for a few days. For the sake of my beloved Malaysian University English Test.
I'm so stressed out, and stun while reading others' blog, which are written in English. Where the **** on Earth they learn, till their English are superWOW ya know?!! I'm superduper JEALOUS with them. Demm!
At UiTM, most of the lawyers-wannabe are very good & excel in English, for both speaking & writing. What can I conclude here, most of them, come from the wealthy family, so they can easily get a best education, English class for eg. Plus, most of the hebat one live in KL yah naww~ So, the school will be more focus on the English subject, sesuai lah dengan lokasi diorang yang kat KL kan? (my own speculation). Besides, they come from the A-list schools, like SBP, SBPI, M***, private school maybe, and used to stay at the oversea once, twice, or thrice.  Okay. I know. I did many sentence-mistakes here just now -.-'' 
Please let me know okay :(

For sure, I really really jealous, envy  (jeles yang baik ye ^_^) with Sakinah, d'17 y/o lil girl, my classmate in or maybe at  (blurrr) UiTM. Her blog is fully in English (tolak 2 entri Malay tu eh), untill I don't get what she's tryna say. Sooo Power Rangers meh o.O. Plus,  Hanis Zalikha's brothers & sister are good in English.
Shame on me !!!

Here are several peeps that I feel that, they're very umphhh in English :)
Classmates- Sakinah of cos :), Adila, Rizqan, Aisya, Aqmar, Nina, Zaza etc etc etc
Zaki, Ajierah, L, Veronica, Nina, Hanis

 & these guys, from their FB's page & blogs, I know they're very hebat too (gotcha! stalk :])
M******, A****** N., N*** A.

The rest, doesn't mean you are not good in English, no. You're even good than me. But the peeps that I mentioned above could make your jaws fall on the floor when they start open their mouth. Even, only to eat. (ayat aku cam cb kan?)

Okay. I got nothing to say anymore. Now, you can judge how bad my writing rite? How I'm supposed to do? The MUET is very very near, around the corner, to 'attack' me, this Saturday. Duhh -.-''

& the rest of MUET candidates :)

Thanks for lending your eyes to read my sucks-such-an-eyesore-English writing =.=
Tata for now, see ya! ;)

nail-foot: O Lord, seriously I'm f***king, freaking, deadly, badly nervous rite now, while I still doing nothing for the preparation T_T. I need a guidance. Pls.


  1. entry i ever read
    you make my tounge twisted...
    *betul ke ni??hahahahahahahahaha


  2. u no need lah kannnnn
    my english pun sucks

  3. my english pon sucks too..
    hahaha..thats y la my tounge tebelit2 mmbace

  4. pon=too
    yah, me too, twisted by my own words

  5. ish. terharu lah :)

    thank you. tak ramai puji tulisan saya. awak mungkin orang yang ketiga.

  6. aah lahh..hahaha..yelah..
    kite kurg mahir englishhh..hahaha

  7. qila: chill sudah, english senang la:P

  8. sakinah: haha.baek kan kita, puji2an. hahaha. btw, u really awesome on it :)

    ayep- tawu takpe, kita mmg camni kan? hmm :(

    zaki- memang lah, senang bg ko. untongg lerrr, dh hebat 3 bahasa. haha