Saturday, November 13, 2010


Huh?! What's that? Is it kind of monster in the Ultraman? Is it the brother of gergaji? Is it the next sequel for Saw movie? Izeet? Izeet? 
no no no no~
Only the persons who ever joined PLKN before know that word. Eh, NO again! Only person who focused in the class (like me) knows that instead of the person who's making some noises while their eyes closed tightly, snored =.=
Yaa.I'm so geramji, especially this month. Many bad things happened to me and to some of my friends. 
Zaki with his result papers; poor him :'( 
Ayep with his final exam results which still riddling himself & the PTPTN thingy; poor him too :'(
More and more poor :'''(
After got the suck-est results ever, the kolej thingy really really make me sick.  :''( 
And now, the so-killing-paper-after-SPM-paper came to me. Serious baby are you down down down down downnnn. Duhhhh. *slap forehead

Let's talk about the first paper; reading. I wondered who's the person responsible for making those longest & hard-to-understand texts? DEYM! It made my eyes rolled and rolled like bowling ball, the forehead turns to letter W. Serious! You should see how my face, the W letter on that time. I wish so. I got no time to check my answers :(
Move on to the second paper; writing. The topic is not so hard pun, if we know how to mencarut-on-that-kertas like I did (Y). Stuck. Ran out of words. Eh, what's the word for mentua, menantu eh? x( Btw, the quest 2 was about the arranged marriage :p If I'm a married person, it would be easier for me kan? Luckily, I'm not -,- Then, I moved on back to the quest 1. While writing the 2nd paragraph (must have 5 paragraphs), the speaker said you have 10 minutes left. Whattthaquaaaa?!!!! :O Seriously, I mencarut-ed to end-the-kemarau on that shit sheet. Grrr..! 
Then, the last paper; listening. We have to listen carefully what the audio speaker said, and jot down the information while/after she read all the texts. The 1st audio is about the turtle-extinct-turtles laying eggs-overnite-chalet. HJKTFG!! I can't get what she said. Didn't make sense. I put my own words/sentence, not what she said. Thumbs up for me! ;) The second audio is about national-art-exhibitions-blablabla. Phewww for me, I can make it, even I'm not sure the answers -.- The third audio is about ------------------------------------------(ask Amal)----------------------------------------- healthy lifestyle-young-obese, followed by about stay up late-less sleep-blablabla (sumpah aku letak ayat jawapan sendiri part ni), followed by the I-forgot-already.


Oppss!! I just made some craps!

Zaki & Ayep, we are in the same Indah water's plant ;(

together we pray the BEST results for us :)

nail-foot: Geramji is geram jiwa (Y)