Friday, November 12, 2010


While waiting for  the last episode of Chinta, I watched Indonesian drama series at TV9. If I'm not mistaken, the title of the drama is Cinta & Anugerah. I'm not sure. Do correct me if I wrong.

One sentence spoke out by the main character, made me think, think & think.

Allah will not giving us what we asked for,
but He will giving us what we need.
Allah tak akan berikan apa yang kita minta,
tetapi memberi apa yang kita perlukan- ayat bulat2 pelakon
 (translate tak nak kalah :p)

Yes. Have different meaning here. From my opinion (cewah!), Allah will not giving us what we asked for, that we pray for everyday. But He will giving us something that what we need only. Means here, let's take an example, someone always asked from God that he wants to success in his studies, exams, blablabla (good things), but when he got the exam results, he failed or maybe didn't get what he asked for before this. 

Everything happens for a reason right?

So, God did this (fate) because He wants His servants always remember Him, pray. He also wants us to work more harder for the next time to get the best results (why I'm using us instead of him now?) -.-'
You got what I tryna say? I mean type.

What I mean here, the meaning of the sentence is like every cloud have its silver lining. Perhaps.
Because I do feel (terasa, kena batang hidung) with the dialog.
Do think & understand the meaning deeply, guys.

nail-foot: If you didn't get the meaning, do tell me. Btw, Zaki, how to contact you man? -,-'


  1. chill, aq selamat lgi kat sini..jgn la rindu aq sgt:PPPP..ulaakk